Appliance Repair Hamilton Ontario

We understand that part of having a happy home life, includes ensuring your appliances work effectively! It is our mission to bring qualified technicians straight to your door. No job is too big or too small for our group of motivated, honest, and effective technicians. Part of our process to ensure you have the best experience possible. We are happy to assess the broken item, evaluate what exactly needs to be fixed on it, and then quote you a low and reasonable price for the job! Get a free estimate now!


We've Got You Covered For All Your Hamilton Appliance Repair Services

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It is important to our company to provide you with the least stressful experience possible; often times, the issues that occur with fridges, washers, dryers, ovens, and many other appliances require a simple solution. Appliance Repair Hamilton works hard to help our clients keep their appliances for as long as possible, which allows us to keep our costs affordable. We encourage our customers to keep their appliances instead of the costly option of replacing them with new ones; we can do this, since we fix all appliances to the highest standard. Whatever your appliance repair needs are in the Hamilton area, we would love to be your go-to appliance repair company. Call us today for your free, no obligation quote! An efficient home is a happy one!

Major Appliance Repair in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Did your oven break down the day before your holiday dinner was scheduled? Dreading asking your neighbor to borrow their oven while making small talk for 6 hours while your holiday dinner cooks? Fear not! We here at A.R.H.–your local appliance repair company–are dedicated to providing you with fast, effective, quality small appliance repairs, as well as major appliance repairs. We have a satisfaction guaranteed group of skilled technicians who are ready to prevent a bad day turning worse, by providing same day appliance repair Hamilton services! Put your stress aside in regard to your broken oven, malfunctioning dishwasher, or leaking fridge, and let us handle all of your appliance repair needs! We offer quality services for all appliance brands, from Whirlpool to Maytag, Frigidaire to GE. As well as brands such as Kenmore, Hotpoint, Kitchenaid and more! Your freezers, fridges, stoves, gas appliances are in good hands with our Appliance Repair Hamilton Ontario service company. You are welcome to stay and chat with our technicians as they fix your appliance on site, or take the opportunity to get out and enjoy a hot cup of tea, while our expert technicians fix your appliance. Contact us today, and we would be glad to assist you with all of your appliance repair needs.

Your top quality local service in Hamilton Ontario for all of your appliance repair needs! Proudly Canadian, stress free service, skilled technicians.

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Domestic Kitchen Appliance Repair Hamilton Ontario
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Offering superior local services to Hamilton, as well as surrounding areas. Whatever your small or commercial appliance repair needs are, we are ready to help. Our technicians will focus on being able to provide the best appliance repair Hamilton has to offer; and if your appliance can not be repaired in an effective and quality way, we will work closely with you to provide replacement appliances from great brands such as LG, Viking, Whirlpool. Even our most requested brand, Samsung, is a repairable job. Trust us with your Samsung appliance repair Hamilton Ontario service.

All Your Appliance Replacement Parts in Hamilton Ontario
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While we here at Appliance Repair Hamilton do not personally supply parts, we work with companies that have them, and work with you to ensure we order, quote, and install the best parts for your appliance repair needs. It is important to us to examine your dishwasher, dryer, fridge, or other appliances you need fixed, and try to minimize the cost for you, which means fixing the appliance is top priority. If we need to order new parts to ensure a quality job is completed, we will be happy to consult you and fulfill our mission to fix your appliance, to the highest standard!

Your Professional Washing Machine Repair Service
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Nothing quite strikes fear in our hearts like our washing machines breaking down, mid-wash, and an outfit needed buried in the depths of the soapy water. Our appliance repair services from our skilled technicians try to ensure same day appliance service Hamilton quality! Let us be the call you make to fix your washing machine, and provide and effective repair, preventing soured clothing, and sour moods.

Our Maytag Appliance Repair Hamilton Ontario Service
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Whether your brand of dishwasher is Maytag, Bosch, Westinghouse, or Whirlpool, we are glad to assist in the process of having your major appliances running like new again! In cases where parts are difficult to locate, we ensure the most thorough search to find the specific part needed for your appliance, in order to fix the problem before it has a chance to worsen. We can’t wait to begin servicing your Maytag products today.

Home Microwave Repair Hamilton ON, CA
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There are few things as crucial to the modern human home as a microwave. The convenience, speed, and effective nature of these little machines are a wonder! Considering they’ve only been a part of the modern household for approximately 25 years, they have more than proven their necessity. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to fix microwaves and microwave ovens, in order to make your household a happier one.

Mobile Vacuum Repair Services To Your Door
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Does your cat or dog shed like there’s going to be a fashion show created around their excess hair? We get it. And the day before company comes over, is no time for your vacuum to stop working. Call us, and our certified technicians will rush to your door and fix the problem! We don’t always repair vacuums, but please call to ask any questions and hopefully we can be of assistance, as we specialize more so on appliances.

Expert Fridge Repair Hamilton ON, CA Service
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Arriving home after a long day of work to find that your fridge has been leaking for the better part of the day is enough to frustrate even the most patient of people. Call us when this happens, and let’s ensure that those costly bundles of fresh cilantro, crisp containers of lettuce, and earthy bags of mushrooms, don’t go to spoil! From brands such as Whirlpool, or Maytag, we can even be your LG fridge repair Hamilton experts.

Local Dryer Repair and Replacement Services
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The best appliance repair Hamilton can offer is just a phone call away! The need for homes to have dryers that function at their most efficient is crucial! Not only for your energy bill, but to ensure that your clothes come out wrinkle free, and smelling of fresh laundry, versus that mildew scent that occurs when your clothes dryer isn’t running at its maximum capacity. But no worries, we can get that problem repaired pronto!

Quality Dishwasher Repair Hamilton ON, CA Services
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Everyone has a preference for how the dishwasher gets stacked. Some people argue the cups should go on the bottom, some argue utensils should get an extra rinse. These debates have lead to many a marital strife. Now imagine how much worse those debates would become if your dishwasher broke. Suddenly, it’s a struggle to scrub stuck on food off of your mother-in-law’s casserole dish, and that apparently means you don’t care about the item. Let us help you prevent those arguments before they happen. If you’re looking to fix your kitchen dishwasher, or replace it altogether, call on our talented technicians to get the job done properly! We would love to be your go-to dishwasher repair Hamilton Ontario company. Let’s get started today.

All Your Kitchenaid Repairs Needed in Hamilton ON
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The beauty of our modern economy and trade agreements is we here in Hamilton are virtually limitless as to which countries we can access small appliances from. If you’ve ordered your fridge, oven, dishwasher, or other small or commercial appliances from Germany, the UK, America, or other countries, we are able to order in these replacements or parts, and our technicians can install them for you! Call us today to find out what sets us above the competition. You might be surprised how far decades of combined experience can go. The power of working together as citizens of this wonderful Ontario city means kitchen cooking equipment that works! When you’re ready, call us for your free quote and cost estimation.

Gas Grill / Stove Repair Hamilton ON, CA Services
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Frustration with appliances breaking down do not only occur with residential households, and that’s where A.R.H. comes to the rescue! We also fix commercial appliances, and our technicians are happy to come directly to your store or commercial business, to ensure a speedy solution! A lot of the time we get phone calls from people who are hesitant to approach their malfunctioning gas appliance. We understand that that can be intimidating, as we are here to offer our expert services. Gas stove repair Hamilton expertise; that is our forte. Our skilled technicians are available as soon as you call, to come and assess the situation and come up with an effective and safe solution

Your Residential BBQ Grill Cleaning Service
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There are few things we enjoy here in Hamilton and the surrounding areas, as having the freedom to barbeque when the weather is nice (and let’s face it, we’re out here even with the snow too). Call us today to get your barbeque in top working order! We can fix your gas appliance repair Hamilton troubles! Those little gas powered stove tops on the side of your barbeque, or even ones that run on propane, our workers are trained and motivated to fix them to the highest standard. Taking a quick glance at the Hamilton appliance repair reviews just goes to show how committed we are! And there’s no major household cooking equipment we can’t repair. Consider getting your free quote today.

General Electronics Treadmill Repair Hamilton ON, CA
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Does the gym you go to need a serious upgrade in gym equipment, or do you work for a gym whose treadmills need to be serviced? We would be happy to help if our trained staff who specializes in fitness equipment repair happens to be available. A healthy lifestyle is crucial to modern happiness, and our service professionals would be glad to help. Call us today for your estimate, and allow us to get your gym running as well as you do! We can’t wait to begin.

All Your Small Appliance Repair Hamilton Ontario Services
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Businesses can only run efficiently if all of the moving parts are cohesive. For your company, this means ensuring your appliances are fixed quickly. Whether it’s your gas stove for your family fun restaurant, or the microwave in your convenience store, let us help you make profits as steadily as possible, by fixing or replacing your appliances. With everything from industrial dishwasher repair to commercial refrigeration repair in one place, you’re covered!

Top-quality Oven Repair Hamilton ON, CA Service
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As a company who is passionate about helping people, we want to help your business succeed with competent equipment! If your bakery is thriving, but the strain of all of those loaves of bread is causing your oven to become less powerful, we would be glad to help! Allow us to become your commercial appliance repair Hamilton go to experts! When it comes to oven repairs, we take our work seriously, like we do for all appliances and kitchen cooking equipment. Let’s get underway!

Local Samsung Fridge Repair Hamilton Experts
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Owning and operating a successful catering company takes organization, creativity, and machines that work! We would love to ensure your hours of labour, cost of food, and cost of employees, are insured with quality equipment! Owning a refrigerator that runs smoothly is one of the best ways to do this. Whether you have a Samsung fridge, Bosch, Miele, or Frigidaire fridges, we have experience in fixing or replacing all of these brands, as well as many more. Trust your local experts.

Get Your LG Appliance Repair Hamilton Services
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Having a comfortable work environment for your employees is crucial. This can easily be achieved by having us at A.R.H. maintain and repair your LG appliances, such as air conditioners, stoves, fridges, and more. A moderate room temperature has been proven to help in productivity, workplace dynamics, and overall profit margins. Call us today to have our skilled workers help ensure the comfort of yours!

Certified Wine Fridge Repair Hamilton ON, CA Service
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Some people like their white wine chilled to a specific temperature, and as a conscientious restaurant owner, we know you’d like to accommodate those preferences. The technicians here at A.R.H. are highly trained, and can promise you that your wine fridge will run as good as new, even if the fridge was previously ordered through Sears appliances. Let us be your go-to fridge repair Hamilton Ontario business.

Same Day Washer and Dryer Repair Hamilton ON
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The amount of laundry that comes from running a successful food industry business is astronomical. In order to keep up with the high amount of towels, aprons, table cloths, napkins, and other linens, your business needs to ensure that they have a fully functioning washer and dryer available to them. Call us now to assess Whirlpool washers and dryers, Maytag, Haier, as well as many more! Our team of technicians with expertise in plumbing are ready to assist.

General Electric and Treadmill Belt Repair Hamilton
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When most people think about commercial repair companies, they think those companies focus exclusively on food industry businesses. We here at A.R.H offer our services for a wide array of companies, including gyms and personal training centers. Part of ensuring these clients receive the same quality level of service as our other residential clients, involves training our technicians to fix exercise equipment such as treadmills and treadmill belts when we can.

General Electric Appliances Repaired Expertly
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When your most popular spin class has been booked to capacity, it’s important those bikes are stable and working correctly. Trust our reliable, skilled workers to come to your place of business and get your equipment running smoothly. Not general electric appliance is too advanced for our team of certified experts and professionals to mend it back to perfect health and working conditions.

Hotpoint Freezer Repair Hamilton Ontario Canada
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Allow us to fix your Hotpoint freezers! If you own a gym and sports clinic, you know how important ice therapy can be! Call us today to make sure those ice packs for your athletic therapy treatments stay cold! Domestic households across Ontario, Canada rely on appliance repair companies such as ours in the City of Hamilton to make sure everything runs smoothly in the home kitchen. We’re here 7 days a week to help!

Small Appliance Repair Hamilton ON: Here to Help, when it’s needed most!

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Our appliance repair services compete with the best appliance repair companies Hamilton has to offer! Even with that competition, we are confident that we are the best people for the job! We are efficient, skilled, and considerate workers who are happy to be the best Hamilton appliance repair company. Our free estimates, and guaranteed quality, makes us the right fit for every job. Consider getting your free, no obligation quote today!

We’re COVID-19 compliant and sanitation friendly.