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Has your stove top appliance been acting up? Does it take too long for items to boil, or have you found your recipes burning up, though your methods aren’t changed? Sounds like you need to have your stove repaired, and we are here to help! Call now for a free estimate! Our appliance mechanics are ready to help you in Hamilton ON! Having a stove that works properly is a crucial part of daily life, and we understand that. If you’ve been noticing that your coils on your stovetop aren’t heating as rapidly as when you first bought your appliance, there could be a few reasons behind this, and we are knowledgeable of them all. It could be as simple as one of the electric current prongs on the coil has worn down, and therefore your stove top isn’t getting as much electricity to it – a simple solution! It could be there are some wiring issues with the main part of the stove itself, which is also a problem we can solve! No matter the problem A.R.H. can help!

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Major Household & Commercial Stove Repair Services in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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We offer same day assessments, which saves you from having to find a way to transport your stove to a repair shop, or shell out big bucks for having the company whose brand it is, come to your home and look at it. We have a team of ethical, trained, and polite servicemen who are dedicated to fixing your broken appliance in the most cost-effective and safe manner. If we cannot fix your stove on the same day, then we will order the parts in for any brand of appliance, and return to replace the broken part in an efficient time frame. Don’t continue to deal with your malfunctioning oven; call us to fix the problem. Look forward to cooking on your stove top once again, with our Hamilton appliance repair services. Call when you’re ready, and our appliance technicians will happily get started.

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